Interior Branding

Specialist in wall wrapping and interior branding

Interior branding is all about shaping the dynamics, infrastructure, and decor of an area so that it reflects the theme and values of the respective company.

Our in-house design service can create a unique and customised design to meet your brands’ goals. We then help you select from our wide range of textured materials, to match the space in question. Finally, our professional installation team go to work and turn the design into a flawless reality.

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wall graphicsWALL BRANDING

We have amassed an innovative library of materials which can deliver things such as writable surfaces for maximum interaction and magnetic sub-surfaces, which you can change as often as you want with minimal on-going cost.

floor graphicsFLOOR BRANDING

Create a floor as unique as your business. Replicate the look and feel of traditional materials or go wild and have your vision come to life on the space you walk on.
There are no limits to what can be achieved.

window graphicsWINDOW BRANDING

Your windows can be an extension of your brand or tell the whole story.
Transparent, semi-transparent or opaque materials can provide varying levels of privacy, while mirrored or textured surfaces can deliver creative and engaging surfaces.


Design Display are masters at signage for interior spaces. We produce all types of signage, such as flat printed signage, raised cut-lettering, LED-backlit signs and neon signs, the list goes on!


Creating a unique and inspiring environment doesn’t stop at the design. The finish or texture of the material can add that extra dimension to really make it a special space. Smooth is fine, but textures can complement the graphical design and make it a more tactile experience.

The choice will depend on the type of business and goals, but our interior branding experts are here to guide and advise.

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